Lip augmentation is the technical term for lip enlargement via lip injection.
With aging, the lips often lose their volume. Younger people can suffer from naturally thin or uneven lips. A beautiful smile with full, smooth lips are often associated with an aesthetic, youthful appearance.
Hyaluronic acid gel is often used to increase lip volume.


Marionette lines or mouth wrinkles stretch from the mouth down to the chin, which can make a chin appear marked-off like a puppet.
These lines can convey a sad and resigned expression. Even after the first treatment with hyaluronic acid, a significant difference is visible. By increasing the angle of the mouth, the face will once again appear more friendly and harmonious.


The facial area between the lower lip and chin is called the mentolabial. Mentolabial lines pull the corners of the mouth towards the chin and give us a negative, sad facial expression (downward-pointing, sad mouth). Through relaxation of the facial skin or when check muscles sink, the corners of the mouth are pulled towards the chin. The recommended, primary treatment is hyaluronic acid.

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