Often laughing leads to disturbing eye wrinkles, also known as crow’s feet. Crow’s feet are formed by years of contraction of the eye muscles, for example, in laughter. The eye’s surrounding skin is very thin, and therefore they are often the first visible wrinkles. While straight, fine lines are considered to be sympathetic feature, the face can develop deeper wrinkles that leave a tired or negative expression. Eye wrinkles (periocular wrinkles) in a shape of star around the eye give you a particularly tired appearance.

To eliminate eye wrinkles, treatment with botulinum toxin may be possible in combination with hyaluronic acid.


As we age, elasticity of the skin diminishes and relaxes the brow muscles. The eyebrows therefore sink, initially laterally beyond the edge of the eyelid leaving low-lying eyebrows. The eyebrows form a sizeable part of the perceived aesthetic face and are usually different in men and women. While men have more horizontal and slightly eyebrows, women’s are more curved and thinner.
Even without surgery, a Botox treatment of the eye-ring muscle (orbicularis oculi) lead to a more relaxed look with seemingly bigger eyes. Botulinum toxin relaxes the facial muscles, which is also responsible for the eye-squint. A positive result is larger looking eyes that make us look younger.


Periorbital dark circles are wells in the area of the lower lids or below the eye bags. Eye circles are caused by a loss of facial fat volume and its sinking. Dark circles appear dark through translucent veins and lack of light reflections in the shadow of tears furrows.
Today there are non-surgical treatments using injections and raising circles with modern, long-lasting hyaluronic acid preparations. The effect is immediate and you can be socially active straight away. Most impressively, rings and grooves under the eye are improved immediately and remove fatigue in the facial expression.


Creases occur with age and are formed on larger areas, often including the neckline and décolleté, and are caused by lack of water and loss of skin layers. Through the loss of hyaluronic acid and other water-binding endogenous substances, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity.
With age, the skin’s metabolism process is slowed down and the hyaluronic acid content of the skin declines. This leads to lack of moisture in the skin giving a flabby, rough and creased skin. To remove of wrinkles, different products (Botox, hyaluronic acid) are available, which can be used depending on personal circumstances and characteristics of the cleavage wrinkles.

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